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Reading List Guide: Add Library resources

Add library resources

Now that you have created a Reading List and have added sections to it, it is time to add readings to your list:

Your Reading List will look something like this (depending on the Template you selected). 

It is recommended that you set up your Reading List in the same structure as your Learning Materials (weeks, modules, ...). 

1) Select +Add from the menu bar. 

Make sure you have added Sections to your Reading List - see above.

2) Options after selecting +Add:

  • Search the library
  • Add from favorites
  • Import references (eg. from EndNote)
  • Manual entry - a last resort option that you would hardly ever use

To add a resource via Library Search, select Search the library

For information on 'Add from favorites', 'Import references' and 'Manual entry', see the tabs Add online resources, Add resources from EndNote or My Favorites.

3) Search for the resource you'd like to add, using the title if known (if you know the title, put double quotation marks around the title), author or keywords,

Use the default setting Search everything. 

If you can't find the resource, tick the box Include records without full-text access. This will show you resources we do not have. If you add a resource we do not have access to, make sure you add a PURCHASE ME tag to the resource. See Request resource for details.

4) You could conduct an Advanced Search by using the Advanced Search button below the search box. 

5) Narrow down the results by using a Filter to chose a Type of resource and/or the Availability of a resource.

Click on Filter to see the filter options. 

6) To select a resource from your search results to add to the Reading List:

  • Hover with your mouse over the resource
    • Click on the green + (Add item) button
    • Drag the resource into the correct section, using the green tag to the left of the title


7) If you clicked on the green + (Add item) button, select List and what section in a List to add it to.

Then Add or Add & Edit (if you eg. add a chapter from a book - see instructions below).

Another option is to drag and drop the resource into the correct Section of the Reading List. 

Add a chapter from a Book

If you would like your students to read a specific chapter in a resource, make sure you edit the book you have added to the Reading List and identify which chapter the students need to read. 

1) Once you have added the Book to your Reading List, following the above steps:

  • Select the book in the Reading List
  • Click on the three dots to the right of the title 
  • Select Edit item from the drop down menu

2) Edit as follows:

  • Change the Type to Book Chapter
  • Fill in the fields:
    • Chapter Title
    • Chapter Author (if applicable)
    • Chapter Number
    • Start Page
    • End Page 
  • Click Save

3) The reading will now show as a Book Chapter 

The Item Details (select Full details in line with reading title) will provide your students with the chapter details. 


Add multiple chapters from the same book

If you would like to add multiple chapters from the same book throughout your Reading List, follow the steps below. 

Please note that this can be easily done if the library provides access to the eBook version. If the library can only access the print book, please note that we can only provide one chapter from the print book as a digitised copy, as per copyright regulations. 

1) Once you have added the Book to your Reading List and have changed the reading to a Book Chapter (see steps above): 

  • Hover over the chapter you'd like to copy
  • Click on the three dots to the right of the title 
  • Select Copy item from the drop down menu

2) This has created a copy of the chapter already used:

  • Select which section you would like to copy the reading to
  • Click on Copy

3) Go to the section you copied the reading to and hover over the reading:

  • Click on the three dots in line with the reading title
  • Select Edit item

  • Change:
    • Chapter title
    • Chapter author (if applicable)
    • Chapter number
    • Start page
    • End page
    • Click on Save

Repeat above steps as many times as you need chapters from the same resource.



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