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Cover image for Confident Supervisors: Creating Independent Researchers Confident Supervisors: Creating Independent Researchers

 Authors:Susan Gasson, Jillian Blacker, Ian Stoodley, Abbe Winter and Christine Bruce

 License:Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike

 Confident Supervisors is intended to be both a textbook and a professional development resource for Higher Degree Research   supervisors and researcher developers involved in providing workshops and resources to support research supervisors in their practice. Throughout this book, authors introduce different theoretical frameworks and concepts to provide supervisors with tools and strategies for responding to the challenges and opportunities associated with research supervision. It contains chapters written by current supervisors and research support partners who are engaged in the scholarship of supervision and can share the practical and theoretical constructs they employ in their practice. The authors have been drawn from a broad range of higher education and research contexts and contribute understandings of local and global relevance. This openly available eBook responds to turbulent times in higher education, offering practical tips and suggestions for supervisors to pivot to changing contexts.


Cover image for Research and Writing Skills for Academic and Graduate Researchers  Research and Writing Skills for Academic and Graduate Researchers

  CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   72 H5P Activities    English (United Kingdom)

  Author(s): RMIT University Library

  Subject(s): Research methods: general, Higher education, tertiary education, Research methods: general, Language learning   for academic, technical and scientific purposes, Academic style, Academism, Academicism

Publisher: RMIT Open Press

Last updated: 12/03/2024

Research and Writing Skills for Academic and Graduate Researchers is for higher degree students and academics who want to develop skills to assist them on their research journey, from the beginning stages of searching the literature and developing a research proposal, to writing and presentation skills, and on to managing their researcher profile and finding evidence of their research impact.

While written with RMIT University higher degree and academic researchers in mind, other researchers world-wide may find it applicable – feel free to adopt or adapt to suit your own context.

This set of modules is under development – check back regularly to find additional content.

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Cover image for Statistics for Research Students Statistics for Research Students: An Open Access Resource with Self-Tests and   Illustrative Examples

Authors:Erich C. Fein, John Gilmour, Tanya Machin and Liam Hendry

University of Southern Queensland

License:Creative Commons Attribution

This book aims to help you understand and navigate statistical concepts and the main types of statistical analyses essential for research students. 



OER Online

Pitt, Rebecca; de los Arcos, Beatriz; Farrow, Rob and Weller, Martin (2016). Open Research (online book). Milton Keynes, UK: OER Hub.


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