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EndNote is a reference organiser and writing solution. It is the ideal, time-saving software to enable students to collect references and then use this library to add citations to a Word document

EndNote X7.5 and Word 2016 (Macintosh)

Attention Mac users: X7 PDF viewer and Sierra



In testing of X7.7 with the Master version of Mac OS Sierra 10.12, we found some issues with the PDF viewer. 


The issues are that the thumbnail view is missing and that selecting and highlighting text is misaligned (meaning the text that is highlighted is slightly removed from where your cursor is). We have since reported these issues to Apple.


Opening up your PDFs to annotate in an external PDF application will work, as does the annotation workflow on the free EndNote for iPad app. If you are a user that relies heavily on PDF annotation workflows in X7, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Sierra. 


EndNote 7.7 is now available for Macintosh and Windows

Below is the link listing update options and release notes for EndNote X7 (Windows and Mac)

It is a cumulative update process so if your version is missing a couple of updates you have to go back and run them incrementally ie: X7.2 then X7.3, X7.4, X7.5 etc. If this is the case you can’t actually run the updates from within Endnote either but have to go to the EndNote Knowledge base link.

For assistance contact

Installing EndNote X7.5

File Downloads

EndNote software is available for CDU staff and students. This is the current version available for Windows and Macintosh. 
Staff can install the latest version of EndNote for Windows via the "Software Center" option: look for Thomson Reuters EndNote X7. (CDU reference styles are saved on the Z drive. Follow the instructions in the box below to change the Folder location)

You should also remove any previous versions of EndNote before installing EndNote X7. This package will install EndNote X7. X7.4 is available by running updates from the "help' menu. Further information on new features is available at this link.

EndNote 7.5 update available

Download EndNote X7 for Windows or Macintosh
Styles, filters and connections

These should be saved into the folder where the EndNote styles, filters and connection files have been stored (usually in the Program Files folder on the C Drive for Windows or the Applications folder for a Mac).

If you experience any problems downloading the EndNote Software please email us for assistance:

For instructions on using EndNote please consult the Workshop Calendar and the Tutorials and Guides Tab

CDU Reference Styles

After downloading the EndNote software you also need to add the CDU referencing styles-particularly if using CDU-Harvard Reference style.


CDU Styles

Click the 'cdu styles' link above to download reference styles. Choose ‘open with’. Double click on the CDU styles 2016 folder and copy all the styles.


You must insert the style files in the correct folder where your copy of EndNote has been installed. For Windows, this will usually be C:\ProgramFiles\EndNoteX7\Styles. Look in the EndNote X7 folder in Applications  if you have a Macintosh. If you do not save the styles correctly you will not be able to access them from the Import Manager when using EndNote.


Once you have saved the CDU styles (same goes for filters and connections) you need to set preferences to point to the correct folder.


In EndNote, click on Edit on the toolbar. From the dropdown menu select Preferences.

When the EndNote Preferences window opens, click on Folder Locations on the left-hand side.

This will show you the current settings for your personal folders. If you have installed EndNote on your computer for the first time, it will probably look something like this

Folder locations


You should then click  ‘Select folder’ for styles and ensure you have selected the correct location of your CDU styles ie: C:\ProgramFiles\EndNoteX7\Styles or Z:\EndNote\2016 addon files\CDU styles 2016. This process will then allow you to 'select another style' in your EndNote library and choose the preferred style for your school ie: CDU-Harvard.

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a Bibliographic Management tool which allows you to add references manually or automatically from Library databases to your EndNote Library.

References added to the EndNote software are stored in an EndNote Library and can be inserted in a Word document as you write your essay or thesis. EndNote then creates a Reference list at the end of your document.

EndNote allows you to organise your research and collect your citations into a searchable library which can be accessed via the EndNote software and via a web-based version.

It is also possible to create an EndNote Web account giving you access to a cloud-based Library wherever you are. The original desktop Library can be set to syncronise with the Web account therefore keeping both versions up-to-date.

EndNote X7 Overview

Getting Help

If you have any questions or issues related to downloading or using the EndNote Software please email us for assistance:

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