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Copyright @ CDU: TV Shows, Movies, Radio

A general guide to assist CDU staff and students to observe Australian copyright law

TV Shows, Movies, Radio

Copyright Summary for Teaching

TV/Radio programs - Requirements:

  • a Screenrights licence in place
  • the copy is made for the educational purposes of the institution, and
  • it is labelled appropriately

YouTube - Requirements:

  • Only shown for educational purposes
  • Not pirated material
  • Only streamed, not downloaded

Using YouTube

  • You can show a YouTube video in class for educational purposes as long as you stream it directly from the YouTube site and the audience is restricted to the staff and students of CDU.
  • You can embed a YouTube video in your Blackboard site however you must take care not to embed or link to material that is an illegal copy.
  • You cannot download a YouTube video to show in class nor can you make a copy to place in Blackboard as this is against YouTube's terms of use. To do either of these things would require the circumvention of a technological protection measure which is illegal.
  • To use a YouTube video in your Blackboard site, provide the video link or embed the video on the site.
  • More information on YouTube is available from the Australian Copyright Council website.

Copyright for Teaching Purposes


The Screenrights licence allows TV and radio programs from free-to-air television, radio, satellite and cable.

The Tertiary Music Licence allows University staff to reproduce, communicate and perform an extensive repertoire of musical works without having to obtain prior permission of copyright holders.

There are a number of requirements that educational institutions must adhere to in order to comply with these licence agreements:

  • the copying must be for “educational purposes”, of the institution
  • only "reasonable amounts" are allowed to be copied and/or communicated
  • relevant labels and warning notices must be attached to individual copies.
  • any copies or communications must be limited to CDU staff and students
  • digital works must have a 12 month deeming notice, and
  • only one digital copy is available across the institution.

TV/Radio Programs

CDU has a Screenrights license which allows you to copy programs broadcast on TV or Radio. The license allows you to:

  • Copy any program anytime, anywhere
  • Copy programs from home (applies to teachers and students) on behalf of CDU
  • Copy entire programs or excerpts
  • Copy anything on free-to-air TV, pay-TV, Radio
  • Make up compilation tapes of material you have copied
  • Copy in any format - VHS, DVD, CD, PC
  • Make copies of copies
  • Keep copies as resources in our library
  • Email copies to students or make them available online for students or staff
  • Broadcast copies within CDU
  • Make the copy available on Learnline (as long as it's secure so only CDU students and staff can view)
  • Show tapes in class or the library

There are three requirements to adhere to this license:

  1. a Screenrights licence in place
  2. the copy is made for the educational purposes of the institution, and
  3. it is labelled appropriately

Using hired or purchased DVDs or videos

  • You can show a commercially (not privately) hired or purchased DVD or video in the classroom as part of your course of instruction as long as the audience is restricted to the staff and students of CDU.
  • You must ensure that the copy that you show is not an infringing copy i.e. it has not been illegally downloaded or copied.
  • If you are showing the DVD for entertainment purposes and members of the public are present you will need to obtain a non-theatrical exhibition license.
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