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PTS Guide: PTS Unit Resources

The aim of the Preparation for Tertiary Success or PTS libguide is to provide support to you throughout your personal learning journey.

PTS001 Learning Identity

What is Learning Identity?

Learning identity is a key aspect of higher understanding and knowledge about how one learns, particularly their views about their ability to learn. People with a learning identity see themselves as learners, seek and engage life experiences with a learning attitude and believe in their ability to learn. At the extreme, if a person does not believe that they can learn, they will not.

PTS006 Ways of Knowing

There are many different knowledge systems. Students examine the role, nature and development of knowledge as a social construction across a range of cultures. Through the lens of their own Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander culture, students build 'both-ways' understandings by developing their understandings of Western knowledge systems. Students consider the relevance of their inquiry into knowledge in terms of their own community, their values, ethics and modern life, including the impact of technologies. 

PTS002 Strength and Success

What is resilience?

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

- Nelson Mandela

Students will develop resilience in life and learning through identifying Indigenous role models of strength and success in the recent past and in the present. Students will analyse the characteristics of strength and success from different perspectives, then move to identify, research and talk with Indigenous students/professionals who have been successful in learning within a tertiary environment. Research focuses on successful and resilient learning strategies and identifying barriers experienced by other tertiary learners. 

Indigenous Role Models

Credible Sources: Are they CRAAP?

The CRAAP test had its origins in the US to help students successfully evaluate and find reliable information. The test has seen many variations but in general if something is CRAAP, that's a good thing! CRAAP stands for: 






These are the types of things you want to check for, regardless of source type (books, articles, websites, blogs, etc.) The following YouTubes by NYIT and Western University give brief overviews of applying the CRAAP criteria and the full criteria can be found as a pdf here

PTS005 Reading and Reflection

Create your own personal reading program

Suggested texts for Reading and Reflection 

NOTE: There are lots more books to be found in Library Search if you cant find anything you like from the list below.

PTS009 Introduction to science

PTS009 engages students in science-focused inquiries and provides them with the opportunity to develop critical thinking supported by clear evidence-based investigation and research. 

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