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Summon Guide: Home

Learn how to search Summon and get some useful searching tips

Welcome to Summon

Use this guide to learn more about Summon- the one search box. See the tabs on Searching and Problems for help and assistance. Look at the Searching Summon video for a demo and check out the tips to get most out of your search and save time searching.



Advanced search

What is Summon ?

Summon is the discovery layer to CDU library - searching our library catalogue, databases, journals and eBook collections - just like Google for the Library!

What can I type into Summon?

ANYTHING!!!! You can type in:

  • Keywords
  • ISBN
  • An authors name
  • A journal name
  • A journal title

See the Searching Summon Video for a demo.

How do I search Summon?

Summon will search across most of the library's resources. You can find:

  • books/ eBooks
  • journal articles
  • newspapers
  • videos
  • DVDs/ CDs
  • online and physical resources

Note that the Summon will not search across absolutely everything in the library collection, you may also have to search individual databases for specific information or to access specialised information such as case law databases and Standards Australia. See the subject guide in your area for more information other resources.

Searching for a phrase or a specific book/ journal title? Try using quotation marks to group the words together e.g. "climate change" or "The Book of Summon" or "The British Journal of Medicine".


Typing in your whole assignment question in the box and getting poor results? Try sticking to some keywords from your assignment topic.


Do I need to connect my words together to search? If you type a list of words in Summon will search for all of those words just like Google.

If you want to search for Synonyms (words with similar meaning) you can connect them using OR. If you want to connect these to other terms use AND (remember to capitalise the connecting terms). Use brackets to group terms together e.g. (primary school OR middle school) AND (students OR learners).


I can't find full text: Try refining your search by selecting Full Text only, see the Summon Searching Video for a demo or see the Searching tab on this LibGuide.

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