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eBooks Guide: Wheelers

Guide to finding and using eBooks at CDU Library


      Wheelers is an eBook platform that focuses on law textbooks. eBooks in Wheelers can be;

  • Downloaded by all current CDU students and staff. 
  • Can be downloaded for 8 weeks at a time (unlimited downloads while you are a current student or staff member). 
  • eBooks can be borrowed 24/7 and no additional fees or fines. 
  • Text can be highlighted/ copied. 
  • Can be read offline. 
  • Sections of the eBooks can be printed. 

Access the Wheelers below;

How do I use the Wheeler's?

How do I search Wheelers?

Step 1: Access the Wheelers either by searching Library Search for specific titles or access Wheelers directly through the databases; 

Step 2: Search by using the top search box or by using the browsing menus; 

How do I borrow? 

Step 1: Access the Wheelers either by searching Library Search for specific titles or access Wheelers directly through the databases; 

Step 2: Click on the title you wish to borrow;

Step 3: Click on 'Borrow' to borrow the book, see the reading option in the right-hand column. 

Step 3: To see what loans you have checked out click on 'My Loans' at the top of the page; 

How do I download?

Step 1: Borrow the eBook.

Step 2: Click on 'reading options'; 


Step 2: There are two options for downloading; 

If you are downloading with Adobe, you will need:

1. to download Adobe Digital Editions (freely available) 

2. Create a free Above account

Instructions are on the Wheelers download page. 

How do I make it easier to read? 

Step 1: When reading select 'Settings' from the top right-hand menu. 

Step 2: Edit the settings for your requirements; 

  1. Font Size-  increase the size of the text. The default size is 12. 
  2. Font Contrast- this will give you greater contrast between the words and the background page. 
  3. Letter Spacing- add space between each of the letters. 
  4. Word Spacing- add space between each word.
  5. Line Spacing- Add pace between each of the lines, the default is 1.4cm. 
  6. Line Alignment- change the alignment of the text, the default is justified to the left. 
  7. Page columns- change the number of pages that appear, the default is three columns. 

How do I print? 

Printing and saving options may be limited due to copyright. 

Step 1: Go to the page or chapter you wish to print. Select print from your web browser. This may vary pending on what browser you are using, it is usually in the top right menu or toolbar or use Ctrl+ on your keyboard:

Step 2: A pop-up box will appear which will give you the option of saving, you can save only one chapter at a time, save the chapter as a while by selecting 'all' or select page numbers to print. 

Step 3: Print off the PDF. 

How do I use the App? 

Step 1: Download the ePlatform App for your device, the App is available from your relevant App store or from the Wheelers database. 

Step 2: Open the App on your device. 

Step 3: Search for Charles Darwin University Library under the My Libraries search. 

Step 4: Use the mobile app to search, browse and download. 

Step 5: Borrow and read, options from the top, settings and bookmarks from the bottom. 

How do I highlight text? 

Step 1: Use your mouse or finger (if using a touch screen) to touch or click on the word you would like to highlight. A menu will appear which will allow you to highlight the text. Click or touch and drag to select a section of text.


Click or touch and drag to select a section of text:

Step 2: When you select 'Highlight' you will get the option to select the colour of your highlight, and add an additional note. This information will be retained in your Wheelers eBook account every time you login. 

How do I create bookmarks? 

Step 1: See the instructions for highlighting text in a book, these will become your bookmarks. 

Step 2: Click on 'Bookmarks' from the top right-hand menu;


Step 3: In your bookmark entry you will see any highlights you have made and a link to the original text. 

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