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Learning Precinct Guide: Printing/Photocopying

Recharging your account

To recharge your account, do one of the following:

  1. Go to:
    LDAP is your student number i.e. s123456 and use your regular computer password.
    You can now use your debit card or credit card (note: NOT EFTPOS cards) to recharge online.
    You can recharge amounts from $5 to $50, it's your choice!

   2. Get a cash payments slip from the staff at the service desk

  1. Fill the slip out;
  2. Take the slip to the cashiers at your Campus;
  3. Bring the slip and your receipt back to the Library and we will add the amount to your printing account.


Be careful how much money you add to your printing account; the Library is unable to give monetary refunds.



Printing and Photocopying Services

WARNING: Before printing or photocopying, make sure you are aware of your obligations under Australian Copyright law.  See: for more information.

The Casuarina, Palmerston, Alice Springs, Darwin Waterfront and Sydney branches of CDU Library have a pay-for-printing and photocopying service available to students.

You need your current student card to print or photocopy.

Release your job at any of the printers in the print room at the Casuarina campus library, the printer in the foyer at Palmerston or the printers at the Alice Springs campus library, the Darwin Waterfront or Sydney campus by swiping your student card and using a four digit PIN (you set this the first time you use the system).

When printing, you now get notification of your print job cost before you send it to the printer but you are not charged until you release your job at the machine.

Remember to press the "CLR" button when you finish printing or photocopying so that your account is logged off.

Print jobs remain in the system for a maximum of two hours.

Go to: to

  • Recharge your account;
  • Reset your PIN;
  • Check your print jobs;
  • Send a print job from your own device.

NOTE: The WebManClient system is only accessible on campus.

Printing/Photocopying costs:

  • A4 Black & White:    0.14 per copy;
  • A3 Black & White:    0.20 per copy;
  • A4 Colour:                 0.70 per copy;
  • A3 Colour:                 0.90 per copy.              



How to


At the PC:

1.    Select your document.
2.    Select “Print”. Check that you have selected a printer not “PDF Creator”.
3.    Choose black & white (BW) or colour (COL).

NOTE: the default setting is double-sided and black & white.

4.    Click OK.
5.    You will get two “pop up” boxes about your job and then a notification at the bottom right of the screen that your job has been sent to the printer; if this doesn't happen, contact staff or email:

At the printer:

1. Swipe your current student card.
2. Set a PIN of four numbers; you need to do this the first time you use the new system.
3. Release your job and press OK.


At the printer/photocopier:

1. Swipe your current student card through the card reader next to the machine.
2. Set a PIN of four numbers; you need to do this the first time you use the new system.
3. The display panel on the front of the  machine will now be active.
4. Use this panel to choose the settings you require.

PLEASE NOTE: the machine automatically detects colour documents and will charge accordingly if you don’t select black & white.

6. Press the ‘Start’ button.
7. When you have finished copying, press ‘CLR’ on the swipe card machine.

Subject Guide

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Upon collecting your current student card, the University gives all CDU students a printstart allowance.  This is allocated twice a year.

This may be used to help students become familiar with the printing system.

Once the printstart allowance is used, you may add more credit to your account using the methods described in the 'Recharging your account' column.


At the end of each semester, any unused printstart allowance is removed from your account.


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